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CIAO! I'm Lisa

your storytelling photographer who captures the emotions and simple beauty of the world around her

Let me share a little about myself: I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, the single child of a charming Italian man and a gentle English woman. With the whimsical British landscapes and the passionate Italian way of living running through my veins, it was inevitable I would become a hopeless romantic and a lover of beautiful things.

For over a decade, the UK has been my home, most recently moved at the foot of the Cotswolds hills. Here, I live with my little family - Felix, the husband, and Henry, the cat. (I promise the order is correct - no typo there!)

I thrive on heart-warming stories of people finding love in this crazy world and my mission is to preserve them so they can be an active part of your family's memory and of history itself.

As a Storytelling Photographer, I combine my passion for stories with the art of photography and turning them into images full of feeling, atmosphere and beauty. My job is to make those milestone moments tangible so they are not lost in time. I want them to be relived when the memories get fuzzy and shared with those you love - both now and in the future.

Every special day I photograph unfolds naturally, allowing life to take its course and allowing your true self to shine.

Occasionally, I will also guide you for a few special, naturally posed, shots - sometimes it's nice to romanticize our lives a little!

It's a privilege for me to experience the love, the tears, the cheeky smiles, and the knowing looks. I capture them all to tell your unique story in all of its facets.

Photographer captures portrait of bride and groom sitting on stone steps, creating a timeless image

Anyway, now that the deep stuff is out of the way, here are some more practical and fun tid-bits

that you NEED to know about me...

  • I've been a city girl most of my life but truly feel like I belong among wildflowers and woodland trees

  • I am a lover of art in most of its forms, from music (indie and folk rock are my go to's as well as being an OG Swifty), to architecture and anything in between

  • I love reading fiction and when I get lost in a story I obsess over it! My favourite genres are YA fantasy and period romance novels - love stories are always on my mind

  • A true #2: I am extremely loving and maternal and often put others' needs before my own, a true helper for better or for worse
  • My most annoying trait (according to my husband) is having a burst of energy and creativity late at night - no matter how much I try, creativity is hard to stop once it's flowing!
Photographer and business owner exudes confidence, sitting relaxed amid wildflowers, gazing confidently at the camera


now, have you ever wondered...


what does





You might know it as the word for the '&' symbol.

But to me it means much more.

It's part of MY LOVE STORY and where it all started.

Young business owner and husband take a selfie amidst a backdrop of pink flowers, radiating happiness and love
Intertwined hands of the couple showcase a silver ring and a purple butterfly bracelet, symbolizing their love and connection

It was the beginning of autumn, with a cool breeze in the air and crunchy leaves under foot. It was the early days of our relationship, and Felix and I, to pass the time, had been talking about the AMPERSAND and all it's fun facts

(random? yes... super geeky? I'm with you!).

It was the strangest, most peaceful moment and I felt that urge to say

“I love you” for the first time, but as the impulse took me I called out his name. He looked back and....I froze.

All I could say was: “Ampersand” in the quietest voice.

As I said it, I wasn’t sure that was what I meant to say, but when I did, he smiled with a look of understanding.

With the most loving tone and look in his eyes he said...

 "Ampersand you too"



That was the moment in which that little word held so much more than it used to.

So much joy, kindness, importance, promise, and most of all, LOVE.

Emotional wedding moment: business owner and husband gaze at each other, surrounded by guests, paper lanterns, and woodland backdrop
Photo by
Alicia Victoria Photography

That's what AMPERSAND means to me.

It means being together.

It’s the one thing that connects two entities to be one.

It’s the love between You & Me. It’s the thing that creates an Us.


This is what I strive to infuse in my photography and your documented memories.

It's that feeling of love, happiness and tenderness found between every blink of an eye and every skipped heartbeat.

That is when your true emotions shine, and the moments and feelings that persist through time.

This is my love story and I can't wait to hear yours!

Love Notes From My Clients

Embracing couple in black attire at Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, share a heartfelt gaze in their engagement shoot

She has been brilliant from start to finish

Her photos are of an impeccable standard, and she was also fantastic with our two daughter as well. She included them in the shoot and was particularly brilliant with our oldest who was taking snaps on my phone alongside Lisa! Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a top quality, but down to earth photographer❤️

- Sadie & Curt

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Stunning white bouquet with satin ribbon stands against a lilac backdrop. Roses, peonies, and stocks create a beautiful floral arrangement

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