Engagement Season, anyone?


I vividly remember the thrill of my own engagement—brimming with excitement, seeing the world through heart-shaped glasses, a time filled with sheer joy.

However, soon after, the reality of planning a wedding hit me. Despite my background as a wedding supplier armed with ideas, knowledge, and contacts, the whirlwind of tasks became overwhelming nonetheless.

Unfortunately, planning an event of this magnitude always demands effort. But fear not, I'm here to offer a starting point to ease the frustration.

Here are some top tips to make things a tad easier:

  • Finding Your Style: Unsure how you want your big day to look? A good place to start is reflecting on your favourite season. Are you drawn to the sun's warmth, the freedom of endless summer days, and minimal layers? Or perhaps the cosy embrace of autumn with its vibrant colours and rustling leaves? Consider what resonates with you and your partner. This could inspire a theme based on the season or just help you realise the time of year when you feel most comfortable. Practical factors like family events, anniversaries, and your budget also play a role. This choice sets the tone for venues, activities, attire, and the overall vibe, so you're already three step ahead.

  • Budget Wisely: Establish a starting budget. Sit down together and have a wedding budget planning session to discuss what you're comfortable spending before shopping around. Remember, this figure will most likely evolve as plans solidify. Having an initial budget however streamlines interactions with vendors, preventing disappointment later. Unsure about a realistic starting point? In the UK, a full-day wedding can range from 5-10k on the cheap and cheerful end (under 5k is challenging these days), 10-30k for a stunning yet middle ground affair, and from 30k+ for a more lavish and luxury event. These figures vary but should offer a rough idea of what to expect.

  • Get Inspired: Immerse yourself in inspiration! Pinterest, blogs, magazines, favourite films—absorb it all. This is your chance to let your creativity run wild! Whether you're looking for a unique wedding theme or deciding that elegant and timeless are for you. Bonus top tip: Attend Wedding Fairs with local businesses, often providing offers and goodies and lots of advice. These events provide heaps of information and help you understand the things you like, dislike and things you didn't even know you had to think about. They also allow face-to-face interactions with potential suppliers and make sure they're the right people for you. Although pacing yourself is key to avoid information overload. You can find out which ones I am exhibiting at here.

  • First Bookings: Securing your venue should be at the top of your to-do list —it sets the stage, vibe, and most importantly, the date. This will require some advance thinking about how many people you want to have at your wedding. Then, focus on essentials like the photographers, (trying not to be biased but our calendars fill up pretty quickly - read more about how to choose the right wedding photographer for you here) and any elements that are most important to you and are non-negotiables (not what others say you should spend money on), allocating your budget where it counts. This may be flowers, the outfit or the entertainment. Everything else can be compromised on if necessary and will start falling into place after that.

Remember, today's weddings offer more freedom for creative expression. Don't feel like you need to follow traditional "rules". This is your day. Embrace your uniqueness and craft a day that authentically represents you, your values and your love story. 

I hope these tips give you confidence and provide a roadmap as you navigate the complexities of wedding planning.

And if you're in the process of selecting a wedding photographer in the Cotswolds or the South West and resonate with what I offer, let's have a chat!

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Godspeed. You've got this!

Lisa xx