The Portfolio

Along with making sure a photographer is the right person for you on a human level, there is one other thing that is crucial to consider when deciding who to work with... their body of work.

This seems obvious but in reality it's one of the most important to insure you like your final images at the end of the day.

The two things that really don't change are the photographers' point of view

(i.e. do they pick up on the small expressions, what is their artistic eye, do they focus more on magazine-type images or more natural posing)

and their editing style (i.e. is their work very bright and airy, colourful and vibrant, dark and moody).

This is where the Portfolio comes handy and help you understand what type of photography you like.

This is my style of photography with some of my favourites showcased from throughout the years,

and a good example of what you can expect when you book me to be your photographer.

I have separated them into separate sections. Just click on the gallery you would like to look at

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