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No matter what you call it, it is that very first item on the agenda of any wedding day, and when discussing photographing the day with my clients I often hear this from my couples -

"we don't think we need getting ready photos".

There are many reasons why some would decide not to have this beautiful part of the day captured.

Some don't consider it an important part of the day, or a part of the event at all. Others think they don't need it captured because they're not "into fashion or glamour" and don't care about the frilliness and vainness of it all. Quite a few skip it because it means they can save on the budget. 

These are (mostly) all valid concerns, but I want to tell you why Getting Ready Photos are an important part of the day to capture - more than you think.

It's not all about vanity and glamour, and as your photographer my job is to capture and TELL YOUR STORY. And we all know that to tell a good story you need to start from the beginning. 

Now, I'm going to briefly tell you the most practical uses for getting ready photos before jumping into the real reason.

  • This is when you can get good, detailed photos of all the pretty things you have put your wedding budget towards - the dress/suit/outfit, the jewellery, the flowers, the space you're getting ready in, etc. There's a reason you spent money on it, so you might as well have a good photo of it, right?
Hanging lace ivory wedding dress
Bridal Red and Gold Saree detail
flower and leaves diamond bridal headpiece close up
Close up of Flower Bouquet with Pink Rose and Pink Waxflowers
Gold earrings close up details
Close up of Bridesmaid gifts custom yellow bags and navy blue dresses
Close up of Bridal gown's back with buttons and bow detail
Long shot of hanging wedding dress with layered handkerchief skirt
Sikh Red Wedding jewellery close up with out of focus bride getting ready in the background
  • You allow more time for portraits of yourself and your wedding party before the mayhem of the day starts and you start looking worse for wear. This means the outfits are still pristine, the make-up is freshly applied and you're still in the relative calm before the storm.
Close up portrait of Indian Bride in Red and Gold Saree and jewellery
Bride close up as she's getting make up done with Hollywood glamour wavy hair and pear clip
Reflection of Bride in a handheld mirror
Portrait of Indian Sikh Bride with her Bridesmaids around her
Groom portrait in blue tweed suit and light blue tie in front of the venue
Close up of Bride putting on earrings with yellow flower in her hair
  • From a storytelling point of view this is where you set the mood. Imagine getting a wedding album made and the first page you see is images of you arriving at the ceremony, with no context and, on top of that, not being able to fully grasp the emotional atmosphere - a bit jarring if you ask me! Instead, imagine setting the story up with a view of you and your group getting ready, the tension and excitement is almost palpable in the air. It all helps to build up to the full force of emotions of the wedding itself. 
Candid shot of groomsman helping groom put on his tie in front of the venue
Bride sat in a chair having her make up done by a make up artist in hotel room
Bride getting make up done by make up artist
Indian bride with red and gold saree outfit being helped by a bridesmaid
Close up of bride having lipstick put on
Bride with rollers in her hair holding large shot glasses looking surprised leaving the kitchen

These are some of the practical reasons, and to some extent I would absolutely understand if these weren't deal breakers - especially when the budget restrictions are a real concern.

And that is ok. 

But if it is important for you to have the whole wedding experience this is the real reason why it is important you invest in capturing the getting ready portion of the day.

Think of it this way:

This is the time when you are realizing this long awaited day is finally happening. All your hard work of planning and organizing is paying off. 

You are living the last moments of your life as you have known it and stepping into a new world where you are one part of a whole. You want to capture that moment in time and remember it.

(and by the way, this is true even if you have been with your partner for years and years and have already built a life and family together. There's something about marriage that still makes this change within yourself tangible).

You may be spending this time alone or sharing it with some of your favourite people - either way there's load of emotions running rampant right now.

Some of the most special photos come from moments like these, sharing laughs with your entourage or a few tears with your mum or dad. 

Or just simply seeing yourself in all your glory, in a way you have never seen yourself before. 

You will want to see this moment down the line and be able to revisit how you felt in those intimate moments.

Bride looking nervous as she puts on her wedding dress with the help of her bridesmaids
Lined up bridesmaids in pink dresses and holding bouquets reacting as the bride reveals her dress
Groomsmen helping each other tie their ties - oatmeal coloured suits and light blue ties
Indian Bride in Red and Gold being helped getting ready by her bridesmaids
Black and White photo of bride and mum kissing and saying goodbye
Bride looking nervous and welcoming her dad. Dad is kissing her on the cheek
Low angle of Bride getting ready being helped by bridesmaids with Indian saree

I hope I was able to convey why I care so much about getting ready photos and convinced you to say yes to them. 

If you would like to know how much it would cost to include that part of the day in your wedding photography enquire for my packages below and let's have a sincere conversation about it!