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My name is Lisa and I have spent most of my life capturing the world around me.


My story starts in Italy where I was born, the single child of a passionate Italian man and a kind English woman. Between the British romantic landscapes and the passionate Italian way of living it's no wonder I turned out such a hopeless romantic!
I have made England my home since I was 19 and now live happily at the foot of a hill in the Cotswolds countryside (just barely, but still counts!) with my husband Felix and the cheekiest cat you'll ever meet named Henry.


What can I tell you about me, beside being an incurable romantic?
I've been a city girl all my life but truly feel like I belong in a forest; I am a lover of art in most of it's forms, from music to architecture and anything in between; I'm that person that will start a craft project just before going to bed, because no matter how much I try I can never stop creativity once it's flowing! 

But let's talk why I'm really here! 

I have always felt strongly about the preservation of history and memory, especially when it comes to family roots and ones heritage. We don't always have the privilege of knowing where we come from but we can make sure it starts with us!
My job is to make moments tangible so they are not lost in time. So not only they can be relived when the memories get fuzzy, but can be shared with those you love - now and in the future.


I capture every special day by letting life unfold (mostly...there are times when you just want a nice picture for the wall and it might as well be a piece of art!). I experience the love, the tears, the cheeky smiles and the knowing looks, and capture them so I can tell your story in all of its facets. 


I have documented countless weddings over the last 6 years, 
working solo and along side many amazing photographers and videographers,
and I am so excited now to start a new venture under my own banner,
getting to meet more of you and get to witness your love stories.


Now, you may wonder...




You might know it as the word for the '&' symbol. But to me it means much more.

It's part of MY love story and where it all started.

It was the beginning of autumn, with a cool breeze in the air and crunchy leaves under foot.
It was the early days of our relationship, and my now husband and I, to pass the time,

had been talking about the AMPERSAND and all it's fun facts
(random, I know... but what can I say? We're weird like that!).
It was the strangest, most peaceful moment and I felt that urge to say “I love you”,

but as the impulse took me and I called his name out, he looked back and....I froze.

All I could say was: “Ampersand” in the quietest voice.
As I said it, I wasn’t sure that was what I meant to say, but when I did, he smiled with

a look of understanding. "Ampersand you too".

He said it with the most loving tone and look in his eyes. 

That was the moment in which that little word held so much more than it used to.

So much joy, kindness, importance, promise, and most of all, Love.


For me AMPERSAND means Love. It means being together. 
It’s the one thing that connects two entities to be one. It’s the Love between Me & You.

It’s the thing that makes an Us.

This is what I strive to infuse in my images and your documented memories. It's that feeling of Love, happiness and tenderness found between every blink of an eye and

every skipped heartbeat. That is when your true emotions shine, and the moments

and feelings that persist through time.

This is my love story, I would love to hear yours!

My husband and I at Ampersand Memories
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what does AMPERSAND mean?

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